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21 Questions Online Course - $27.00 - Annual Membership

Having a solid road map as to how you want operate and grow your business will help alleviate the mystery behind the next steps that are necessary for success. Let’s eliminate haphazard planning and destroy barriers that could jeopardize the overall health of your business by transforming your vision into realistic business planning. 

This online course will cover 21 vital questions that your business must be able to answer to ensure a desired outcome. We will walk you through each question to ensure your business will have all the answers it needs to open the doors of success, sustainability, and growth.   

Course Membership Portal Information

  1. Enroll into the online course by clicking the button below
  2. Answer the enrollment questions and  press submit to receive a online invoice to securely pay for access to the course membership portal.
  3. Within 1 business day you will receive the following:

  • A link to create a password to access the Course  Member's Portal

For the duration of your membership, you will have the opportunity to submit any questions you may have pertaining to the 21 Questions in the course. Every week these questions will be answered, posted in audio and/or video format in this members only section for your unlimited access.  


Course Process

  1. Each question will be answered in the Course Membership Portal in detail. The format for each question will be answered either in audio or video format. If there are documents available, you will be able to access them for immediate download in PDF format.
  2. Submit your questions by emailing then log into the members portal to watch or listen to  your submitted questions being answered under the Q and A Section.
  3. Take lots of notes and view the videos as much as you need to. You have unlimited access as long as you are enrolled into the course.

We look forward to witnessing your vision transform into reality!

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